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  1. October is always a busy month and this year is no exception. 

    Firstly, I've taken on two projects one now finished "Divine Inspiration" which will be auctioned at a Gallery in Mayfair and the proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    The second project called "Tree of Life" has been really interesting and what helped me come up with the logo for FaithHope&Love.  This piece will also be auctioned and the money raised will go towards building an extension for my daughter's school.

    And of course this month is "spooky season" my absolute favourite time of the year.  Not only because it's my birthday but I just love Halloween. 

    I'm off to Tintagel for the last weekend in October so expect some photos from that trip.  We are staying at a hotel and I noticed on their website, they say that their "purpose" is that they are "mythologists" so that will be interesting especially as I am obsessed by Arthur and Merlin (hence the trip to Tintagel).  I am hoping it will be an inspiring place and weekend.