I thought I would take this opportunity and share some of my photos here with you.

I have been a keen photographer from an early age.  I started out using a Polaroid camera back in the 70s then graduated onto a Chinon SLR 35mm when I commenced my 'O' level photography course back in the 80s.

But I suppose photography has always been in my blood, literally.  My Grandfather was Ed Lacey, a very well known sports photographer.  He took many brilliant shots of some of my favourite athletes at a variety of sporting events including several Olympic Games across the world.  It fills me with great sadness that I never actually got to meet him as unfortunately he died in a car crash on 15 November 1976.  But his legend lives on, to this day, the annual winner of the prestigious award for Sports Photographer of the Year will be handed The Ed Lacey Trophy,named in honour of him, the trophy itself is his old Nikon camera in a plastic dome.   One of his most famous photographs can be seen here :

And further irony, the photos below were taken with a Nikon which I have used for the past 7 years and I must say it's been a delight to shoot with.

If you want to use any of these photos please check the "to buy" section of this website as they will be individually priced and of course copyright free for you to use as you wish. 

I hope you enjoy them and return to see new photos as they are added.



 Bilbao under watermarked crown watermarked copy deadwiid2 watermarked
 jack watermarked old oak watermarked deadwood watermarked
 frog watermarked monkey eye watermarked robin watermarked
 snowriders watermarked spider watermarked halloween watermarked
 soar mill cove watermarked bridge watermarked snowflake watermarked
 Tor copy snowpath watermarked skylight watermarked
 soar mill watermarked biarritz fireworks watermarked bird print watermarked
 funky fireworks watermarked jackolantern watermarked one oclock watermarked
 butterfly watermarked camelot watermarked dragonfly watermarked
 foal watermarked ripples watermarked robin star waternarked
 skyblue watermarked widemouthbay watermarked waves2 watermarked
 durdle door 2 watermarked lovely mare watermarked durdle door watermarked
 funky fireworks 2 watermarked daisys watermarked happybirthday watermarked
 pony watermarked something in the water watermarked snow watermarked